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Living independently at home is something most of client would like to do for as long as possible. We believe that our clients have the right to live lives that are meaningful and which enables them to maintain their independent and dignity. However, there are times when we all need a little support with daily living and personal tasks such as shopping or washing and we can help you on these tasks. We can provide personal, social, holiday, and palliative Care. Tailored to your needs and wishes. Whether it is for a short term or on a long term basis, we offer a wide range of services and assistance.

What are the benefits of home care?

  • Help for everyday tasks, social activities or personal care

  • Care and support at all times in your own home

  • 24/7 support from a dedicated and highly trained team

Some of our typical services are:

  • Have some companionship

  • Build and maintain meaningful relationships

  • Re-learn ‘life skills’

  • Build confidence

  • Have community presence

We provide help to support independence:

  • Personal Care

  • Sit calls

  • Domestic Tasks

  • Shopping / Waking

  • Meal preparation

  • Medication assistance

  • Escorted social and medical trips

  • 24 hour emergency contact

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